To Dwell in Horses (They have always been there)

There is a place that I seek.

I often wonder if I have been there before.

The wind there is loud, but not aggressive.

You can hear the tall grass swaying endlessly.

Perhaps that place has existed long before we have.

I'm interested in horses, chairs, objects, and memories from that distant place. I brought a book from that place.

If I could, I would crawl and live alongside the objects I made.

My works are synonymous to the embodied experiences that encompass my daily life. Distant memories, feelings of yearning and longing become important characters and driving force in my artistic practice.

In this interactive installation work, I attempt to bring a piece of That Place to this physical reality.

That Place is where the horses and elephants roam freely, and where my racialized body can live alongside them, imagining possibilites of existing outside of the existing structures that are imposed upon us.

As a postcolonial national who has undergone Western (art) education, Intuition becomes an important compass in the artistic decisions that I make, for I believe that it is the only thing I have that has been left untouched from European modernity and colonial thought. I attempt to materialize, or make tangible for myself, ancestral stories and world building and yearning as possible ways of knowing and navigating oneself.

In "To Dwell in Horses (They have always been there)", I invite you to experience this world, and to immerse yourself in the various stories, drawings, characters and objects from that distant place.