Home Style

Jules Janssen

Keywords: Health, Escapism, Care

Internship: Other Means, NYC
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Within the dementia care institution, decorative corners and therapeutic devices offer an emotional prosthesis for its residents. In this immersive, experience-oriented care model,  moments of mediation are a means to distract individuals from the alienating reality of their palliative illness. This is a reality that is growing as the amount of people suffering from dementia is expected to triple by 2050.  

In Home Style Jules Janssen encapsulates this bittersweet escape onto the naked wall. A life-sized tactile wallpaper invites the visitor into the fragmented world of this degenerative neurological disease. By exaggerating the recurring visual narrative of homegoing in a playful manner, Home Style stages the tragicomical story of (im)personal experiences associated with this illness.