G1rl W0rld

Isabelle Nair-Lacheta

Keywords: Textiles, Augmented reality


G1rl W0rld (2022) explores the theme of gender by reclaiming traditional craft and uses its political potential to work against a history of violence and repression against women to be both radically disruptive and radically reparative. The project examines the role of aesthetics and archetypes by leaning into the caricature of femininity, via hyper-feminine and hyper-sexual aesthetics, to critique and reject the male gaze and reclaim the power of that femininity. The pieces of handmade textiles and furniture function as a portal, through which the audience can access 3D archetypes via Augmented Reality (AR), into an imaginative world that is unapologetically femme. Using 3D, AR, electronics and video, G1rl W0rld reinvents elements of digital contemporary art by merging them with tactile subjects in seamless and meaningful ways.