Pursuit of Ilinx

Gaetan Langlois-Meurinne

Keywords: Participatory performance, Play, Improvisation

Internship: Rimini Protokoll - Berlin
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Gaetan Langlois-Meurinne is longing for his childhood years when playing was needed to survive. He feels nostalgic for a constant state of exploration and improvisation in every action of the day. It is play that makes him feel alive, rooted in the present, and aware of his surroundings. But its absence in everyday life leaves Gaetan frustrated and numb. 

The western society we live in is optimised, productive and seeking control. As a result, it turned down the last bits of creativity and intuitive behaviour inside of a person. Where can we find places that confront us with the unpredictable and trigger our imagination? Situations that simply connect us back to ourselves and our surroundings?

Pursuit of Ilinx is a participatory performance that requires nothing more than the visitor’s openness and curiosity to explore and play. The task lies in collecting objects spread throughout the installation in a basket. Being attached to strings limits the mobility of the user and requires an inventive and playful mind to complete the task.

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