Roaring Sea: Hierarchies of Survival

Fleurine Brijker

Keywords: Sea level rising, Climate, Flooding

Internship: VPRO Tegenlicht,

Roaring Sea: Hierarchies of Survival

Water management has always been a leading factor in Dutch spatial planning, due to the fact that a large portion of the country is situated below sea level. For centuries, plans were envisioned and executed to improve protection against the water. Today, those plans include more climate positive alternatives to continue living on planet Earth. These alternatives have inspired Fleurine Brijker to visualise a future scenario herself.  

Roaring Sea: Hierarchies of Survival, is a speculative animated series that takes place in the future landscape of the Netherlands. The project refers to speculative maps and explores alternative ways of living with sea-level rising. The viewer is taken along different perspectives in which aspects such as architecture, societal influence, agriculture and class are visualised.