Freeze! Your Gaze

Eunseo Hyun

Keywords: Graphicdesign, Vr, Game

Internship: Triangle-Studio(KR), Studio Lift-Off(KR),

Why are the kinds of bodies presented in media so limited? If enjoying pleasure is never something to be ashamed of, then why do we subconsciously desire only certain types of bodies, those which are socially considered ideal? Freeze! Your Gaze is a virtual reality game that addresses these concerns and seeks solutions through an allegorical style. Through the game, Eunseo Hyun criticises the role of media in purposefully encouraging the visual consumption of ‘ideal’ bodies. The game aims to make players feel oddly unpleasant on their journey to reach the ‘ideal body’ category through tight and uncomfortable steps of bodily alteration.
This game is currently in development and was created utilizing Unity and Blender.

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Promotional video of 'Freeze! Your Gaze'.
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