Vulva Monologues - On Revelations

Emma Grima

Keywords: Female pleasure, Self-pleasure, Autonomy

Internship: Nausicaa Giulia Bianchi,,

To all Vulva baring womxn, are you aware of your own authentic autonomous sexual well-being? Have you started a conscious sexual pleasure journey?

Vulva Monologues is an ongoing multiplatform project about the female search for autonomy through self-pleasure. I have been working with 7 womxn who feel confident with themselves and are consciously on a sexual pleasure journey.

Cami, Eline, Kiki, Kiki Elize, Roberta, Whitney and Yanzi invite all viewers into their individual self-pleasure journeys as we all strongly believe in the importance of communication to liberate and empower the topic of female pleasure. 

Through this project, I have discovered the 3 C’s - communication, consent, and confidence, which are all fundamental to be able to grow and unlock the doors to one's own sexual autonomy.
To be able to have

the confidence of full ownership of your body and know what you like is fundamental and so taking a first step, fed by your curiosities, is so important.

A sexual revolution is brewing, Let's regain a womxn's right to pleasure!