Unblossomed Hydrangeas

Emily Josephine Rooney

Keywords: Stones, Chaos, Time

Internship: Raymond Meeks, Jenia Fridlyand
emilyjosephine.cargo.site, instagram.com/emily.josephine.rooney, emilyrooney98@gmail.com

Chaos is the idea that small actions in a dynamic system can trigger vast and unexpected changes. That, as much as we would like to say what is to come is determinable, life is indeed a series of intrinsically unpredictable circumstances.

This was a major starting point for the focus of this project. From the thought of chaos and the series of events that build the life we navigate within; I came to what I see as the culmination of proof of events and experience passed – Stones.

To prove that what is to come is wildly unexpectable and that there is a beauty in that unknown, I looked backwards. Stones and further, the landscape they derive from, serve as a reminder of the unpredictability of the passing of time. Shaped by their experience, placed by events no longer visible, the land and its components hold stories of the past. They serve as proof of the chaos in this dynamic system that we call life on Earth.