Land of the Setting Sun

Ed Chilton

Keywords: Landscape, Adventure, Film

Internship: International Maritime Organization

Film link:

When I was twenty-three I travelled through a dusty, sub-tropical land on a motorcycle collecting impressions of the things I saw around me. I hammered down dirt roads and felt the sun burn the dust into my skin. One day my bike broke down in a rural town. Days turned into weeks here, and I realised that I had found a place I could call home. All too soon I had to depart, leaving nothing but a collection of footage as a token of the time I had spent in the land over the horizon. 

As the months pass I wish to keep a souvenir of this time travelled. Through deconstructing film footage I create a flickering timeline as a moving memory of my travels in that antique land. Every now and then between the rushes of retrospection come returns to clarity as we jump down the rabbit hole of a heady mix of weed, speed and spirituality.