Deandra Jauw

Keywords: Spatial disorientation, Physical poetry, Sensorial experience


Disorientation is commonly associated with a negative connotation. Known as a state when individuals are lacking awareness of their temporal framework, location, and identity. The project reclaims that notion. It shifts the instates disorientation as a tool, especially for artists, designers, and architects in critical design thinking on comprehending space and objects. The body collects chorographical memory throughout our life. Meaning how a human perceives and behaves toward conditions and objects. By implementing the discipline, the body will acquire a new interpretation of ordinary things. Realizing the beauty of not knowing how to go on or to find the right answer, and accepting comfort from being in a lost state.

The project is a sensorial experience that manipulates the mind and body. It’s a spatial simulation that conditions an undefinable commuting experience. It plays with a virtual space designed in our mind and assessed by the body. By touching and being touched, making space, and moving around inside the installation, the space becomes what the body defines. Embo(dis)ense is inviting you to accept and to implement the state of disorientation as an instrument, in a hope of gaining more sensitivity in discovering new position, definitions, materiality.