The (In)Ability of Making Sense Out of Grief

A multi-media installation concerned with the feeling of being puzzled by experiencing the death of a family member. A space for listening, connecting with memories, remembering the bonds with our mothers, and sharing our doubts of life and grief.

Out of the trouble to share the story of my mother’s passing which remains such a decisive factor three years after her passing, this work started as an endeavor to find the universal principles we all share in our deepest, moest personal stories. As death can be viewed upon in mainy different ways, death can also be regarded as something much more positive than the usual heavy load it tends to carry. Still, seen either positively or negatively, there is no such thing as a ‘guide for grieving’, so all we can do is share our doubts about it. It underlines the universal and impossible task to accord to the uncompromising reality of loosing a loved one forever.

This work focuses on my mother's view upon her adamant death which was influenced by the philosophy of nondualism. It is an attempt to share all the questions and answers arising from the last voice memo my mother left me. But besides the unanswerable questions, this work is simultaneously an emphasis on some of the things in life we do know: some people may be able to relate to the experience of loosing loved ones, some may not yet. But most importantly, this work is to remind us that each and all of us remain a mother’s child and may remember the never-ending connection and unbreakable bond between us and our mothers.

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The(In)Ability of Making Sense Out of Grief Documentation Video