Anna Lesiczka

Keywords: Landscape, Space & place, Culture,

a well, a carpet hanger, and a shrine (pilar divided into two parts, a lamp and a plexiglass house leaning on a tree, 4 buckets, 4 cups, and a shelf (in the same color as the bench nearby, standing on bricks but not attached to them), 100 books

Buckets have the same colors as the cups - but you can’t drink from the well. You don’t have a rope, so you can’t reach the water. The shrine is in parts -  not put together yet - or maybe it’s taken down - it’s leaning on the tree and the light is on its own. The flower is put in the wrong place, it’s a funny place, but it’s a flower for the Saint. He is not there, maybe he escaped.

At first, I tried translating a landscape from my homeland building it in the school garden. Things I built belong to the backyards I remember from home and probably also somewhere else, but for sure not here - to the landscape where I now belong. People migrate and places look similar. They migrate together with their homes, although, they don’t take the land. Before my departure, I wanted to move a piece of the landscape from the country where I had lived. When I started working I got lost in the action. With a lack of skills and fear of asking, I was failing. But I learned to surrender to the rules that the land gave me. Now when it’s over I miss that action. So I actually have never sincerely finished. I left it open for you to take over.