Advokacie Práva Kořisti

Terez Nováková

Keywords: Animalrights, Corbofuran, Wildlife,

My work balances between analog and digital, between editorial and experimental. I find it fascinating to look for paths from abstract starting points, literature, through complex research and intense design thinking. From the combination of very tender choices to radical cuts. I’m curious to get to know, how the dynamics of individuals can contribute to the collective. I care for collaborating with artists, cultural associations, as well as working within the publishing field. In my practice, I aim to search for the ability to combine digital computational functions with poetic symbolic gestures. In general, I like to keep my design approach multi-disciplinary by experimenting with various mediums.


Graduation Project

According to ornithologists, hundreds of birds die every year as a result of pesticide poisoning in the Czech Republic. Even though the use of poisons such as Carbofuran, a toxic pesticide, has been illegal in the EU since 2009, many of these cases have not led to the conviction of the poisoner.

Advokacie Práva Kořisti (Advocacy of Prey Rights) deals with the unauthorized handling of protected wildlife through the lens of equality in the judicial system, in particular the criminal investigation of the White-Tailed Eagle court case.

Understanding trans-species communication as a priori condition for solving this issue, the project advocates for recognising non-human rights as a necessary step towards ecological regeneration. Thus, enabling an equal multi-species coexistence so that everyone can experience the environment autonomously.



We articulate ourselves through short extracts from reality. Crucial to this thesis is research on Self-design, specifically impersonating oneself and yet functioning as a person. This action might be only possible through the removal of one’s own narcissistic Ego. The primitive effort to find balance in simple animal beings, through which one seeks answers, for me this means undesigning my Self.

Through this act, one can come back to one’s body, which behaves animally, physiologically, or mechanically in all aspects. With what animal does one identify when one removes the parts of Self that are affected by social impact? The search for harmony of the Self is therefore to be inclusive, otherwise it becomes a mere destruction of culture.