Queer Communal Kinship Now!


Keywords: Queer, Communal, Kinship

robinou.love, hi@robinou.love

What is Queer Communal Kinship?

A long overdue replacement for the naturalized model of the modern western family. A post-capitalist regime of social reproduction, aiming for redistributive justice through the politics of pleasure. A timely proposal for the demise of possessive and accumulative ideology, and the upsurge of a counter-imaginary. A manifesto for the collectivization of reproductive labour. An ethical conceptual framework for a joyful cultural shift: Queer Communal Kinship Now!



The critique of the western family model has always been in tension with the problem of conceptualizing what could replace it as a social institution. In this essay I approach this matter through the three dimensions that are constitutive of this current hegemonic regime: family as a privatized system of household-based social reproduction, the couple-form, and the privileging of biogenetic-centered kinship.