The Stereotype Foundry

Rafael Colmanetti Correa

Internship: FoundLand

Rafael Colmanetti is a Brazilian Graphic Designer based in Den Haag-NL.

The Stereotype Foundry is a typographical project urged by social injustice, cultural problems, and the state of political polarisation in Brazil. It invites the user and other designers to experiment with variable fonts as a main media. The goal is to explore the boundaries of typography, to visualize criticism and to reflect on a political moment. The Stereotype Foundry introduces four variable font families on a website. These digital type specimens are inspired by different headlines from Brazilian's newspapers. All typefaces will be available for free via the website. Together with the website, the foundry will display physical type specimens.

-> Accumulate reflects on unsolved paradox: How can Brazil be so rich and poor at the same time? Like our national money, Accumulate, will never fulfil its own destination, its balance will constantly flow from one side to another.

-> Jesus Cabaret exposes the massive influence of religion on politics in Brazil. It was inspired and drawn using the Vatican's floor Plan as basis. Jesus Cabaret has two axes – like a cross – and can expand and contract to fit in any headline.

-> Military Overdose. The Brazilian vice-president is a former General and Bolsonaro himself habitually refers to the army as “my army.” Military Overdose has its design influenced by insignias used by all military in the country.

-> Fake News Comic Sans is a funny attempt to remove the far-right rhetoric, with the aim of amplifying public voices against extremist views. It contains a striking feature: it offers you the possibility to make a text unreadable.