Nyam Nyam

Pyeori Jung Jung

Keywords: Object design, Furniture design, Contemporary design

pyeorijung@gmail.com, instagram.com/prjung_

I generate a legion of things. Sometimes, it does have meaning, but most of the time, it is just happening with the origin of any obsessive addiction/interest/affection/desire/devotion. It can be a material, it can be a color, it can be a production technique, it can be a form or structure, or a YouTube video.

In my methodology, there is less tendency of labeling hierarchy among those creations. It seems inevitable that layers exist with the image of personal preference by reflecting the time and context as consequences. For me, this madness cannot be summarized in one single narrative since they have their oddity. I can generate matters. I do not enjoy directing them to act as particular characters. It should reveal what it is by itself or by the viewers, but it is also my duty as a designer to visualize and expose their (un)usualness I observe.

After all is digested, mixed, smashed, combined, blended and welded, an alloyed (amalgamate) object comes out. I gently take care of these things in my space and let them go whenever the customers come to pick it up.


Graduation Project

Photographing the dish before eating, celebrating, and sharing the moment, preserving it for memory seem like ordinary actions, but somehow, and relatively recent it became a contemporary ritual, a new cultural phenomenon.

Pyeori Jung’s graduation project “Nyam Nyam” translates everyday food and courses, as seen on digital media such as Instagram or YouTube, into designed objects.

He ‘freezes’ the beautiful element of food that he finds such as form, material, color, texture, or composition with different materiality. Passing on the pleasant experience to the viewers as if taking a photo before eating. It cannot be consumed conventionally, by eating, but it can satisfy a contemporary consumption habit, by seeing.

Pyeori’s food is not for eating but for the eyes.