Em's Box

The Graduation project was a project about the inner turmoils of a photographer (me). told trought the narrative of pandora's Box. Using photography as a way of therapy.

A canon: Pika’s album A god named Harf created a spark. A spark named Pika. This spark came from his heart. He left it in his castle. So the spark could grow. He left the spark to grow by itself. Like a seed. Until it would grow into a beautiful blue fire. This spark grew bigger and biggerover time. This spark had the ability to make and store memories called pictures. And this spark was very beautiful. It knew how to stay beautiful. Because it only stored the beauties of life like flowers, sunsets, clouds and natures animals. It acquired the knowledge of beauty. Knowing of the power it has, it took and stored as much memories and stored them away. Its most beautiful memories it put on display so others can see the beauty and also acquire the knowledge of beauty. It had a gift with the ability to see the beauty in the ugliness. But what the spark didn’t know is that it was capturing not just all beautyradiating positivity but also the ugliness radiating negativity. One day it made one of the most ugliest pictures at its place of primaryknowledge. A place where its dreams went to get crushed. It made thisimage and saw the ugliness of it. It was yet to see the beauty of theimage. It told no one that it had made the image. It couldn’t see the beauty, so it put it in a box and stacked only beautifulimages upon it. Millions and millions of images it stacked upon it. ”It is acursed image, nobody should ever see this image” it said. But what it didn’t know was that the image was infecting every image oneby one.One day pika wanted to feel nostalgic. So it opens the box and saw thatmost of the pictures where negative again. The more he went down tosee the more negative they became. He came to one particular image andwhen he saw it. It was the image he stored and forgot about that no one should see. All the ugliness went out into the world he couldn’t stop it. He tried toclose the box as fast as he could but the flash of the image was to big andfast all of the ugliness filled the world. Pika was pacing around and trying to understand what was happening. Ittaught it ruined the world. It was trying to understand where all of thebeauty went. He said “I ruined the world, what have I done”. But it got itself together and it went outside. It saw that the world lookedstill the same. It realised that the world is beautiful even with all thenegativity. It’s a balance. A balance of good and evil, the positive andnegative, the black and white, the strong and weak, the beautiful and theugly and the euphoria and melancholia. But the balance was off somehow. The scales where not in even position. With its enquired knowledge it taught the people what beauty was andalso shined beauty into the world.



My Thesis was a reflection on myself using other artists work. Like Gregory crewdson, Travis scott and Lars von Trier. Its not a tradional thesis. but a kind of a summary of projects of the 3 artists and my toughts on the projects i chose to talk about. All having a Nostlagic, maloncolic and euphoric narrative. An Ode to myself, the self that I made and a new self that will come.