Liselot Cobelens

Keywords: Water, Tapestry, Verdroging

Internship: https://www.ser-vies.nl/

With Dryland, I have investigated how dehydration arose and the various perspectives on its consequences. Four consequences are translated into a carpet.

These four are:

Verdroging (desiccation) Verlies (loss) Verzakking (sinking) Verbranding (burning)

How they have been translated has to do with different treatment methods that the carpet underwent during its production. These actions represent the role of the human hand in the story of the slow desiccation of the Netherlands. The carpet has also been inspired by the area around the Deurnese Peel. Here, the interests of the ground water line up against each other.

I am a designer who works from field research and archive research. In my project, I am looking for the right ratio of abstraction and reality. In doing so, I interweave both the past and the present with each other. The material and the shapes are my medium to tell the stories and information I gather. The place is my fascination. How it influences my process is reflected in the objects I create.

Verdroging - desiccation