Over the years, I started to explore an inner urge - calling me to make. While searching for the root of that urge, I became aware of the rapid production of objects and their short-lived usage. Still, I did become a maker, what one calls a designer - a link within the consumption chain. The multimedia installation CRAFT’SHIP serves as a platform, sharing diverse insights into what it means to make an object and establish a relationship with the material.

Ceramic is a slow material, merged piece by piece, capturing every interaction. It requires constant dialogue and care, from modelling to drying. It holds and communicates labor by revealing traces left while forming. The shapes of the vessels are based on raw and generic ceramic bulks, usually prefabricated in masses. They become hosts for statements and questions, chosen from recorded conversations with ten selected makers. The experiences of all these makers, each engaging with different material, have echoed within my process and represent the inner discourse of a maker. The spoken sentences become part of the material, communicating the process, and explaining the objects. CRAFT’SHIP embodies a reflection of craft, validating its presence in the 21st century. It invites you to sit, listen and touch.

In conversation with;

Berry Rutjes Brisa Fumero González Eva Smit Hansje Struijk Lina Lau Maria Beaumaster Merel Bos Michal Noy Nienke Sikkema Pien Post.

Images by Chiel Lubbers



An Anthology about Craft, Making Processes, Attachment to Objects, and Leaving a Mark.