Deus ex-machina: smoke

These objects are kinetic smoke machinas. As they are put into movement, by being pushed from side-to-side or spun, they create smoke. Their movement is controlled, on the axis of the cylinder or the pendulum point, yet on account of the smoke, their shape is changing and ephemeral.

Deus ex-machina is traditionally seen in literate or theater as an element or character that saves an apparently hopeless situation. I have appropriated this term to further represent situations or objects that recreate or produce grand and theatrical scenarios, often encompassing elements that may greatly ensure the survival of the character over the environment. I have written about this in my Thesis.

Smoke reminds me of places far away from other places, places withdrawn, remote and out of reach: perhaps of those who would bring pain or discomfort. And, if I was to be at these places: islands, mounts or plains, I would want to remain somewhat connected from my position far-away. This is a way of showing others where I am.