The Persistent Afterimage

The sequence of perception is the very first sensorial response. Conceptual replicas of what you were supposed to hear, see, taste or smell. As though the tidiness and the chaotic disarray were in a perpetual process of transformation. Attempting to comprehend different temporal and spatial frameworks.

The Afterimages have manifested in the form of paintings. So vivid yet blurry. Momentary and dimmed. Contemporary blur-check. Mixed ideologies and combinations of different perspectives.



What are the invisible, sometimes ungraspable protagonists that make us more aware of our surrounding and challenge our positioning. Sometimes it is a play of light, sometimes it is a political event. You cannot look at the sun without going blind. Although you can still be conscious of what the sun looks like. Perception can become one’s reality because it has a potent influence on how we look at the space around us. “Walking Through The Landscape of Unseen” is based on observations made while walking through exhibitions, in waiting rooms, while gazing at the sun and any other situations, where I got surprised how perception and depiction push the limits of conventional logic.