Candlelight Vigil

Candlelight Vigil reflects the influence of military dictatorship from the 60s to 90s on Korean society, especially how the hierarchical division in social groups is reinforced through various restrictions of bodily movement. This restriction leads to the singularity of thoughts, views, and perspectives as they hinder fluid communication between different positions.

The work consists of a sculpture, an animation, and a panoramic film which, as a whole, convey - the resistance against bodily restrictions is the key to recover the individuality and plurality of ideas.



The subjectivity is what differentiates humans from robots. However, this unique feature can be threatened if bodily movement is restricted. Move To Move investigates how the bodily restriction is used to coerce obedience in social settings, particularly in South Korean culture, and how socially constructed norms serve as an obstacle to genuine bodily expression. Based on insight gained from a few empirical examples, I suggest the adoption of a stance that necessitates the conscious questioning, reexamination and exploration of material and immaterial matters both bodily and mentally to encourage people to form their own meanings and maintain their individuality.