The Nourishing Network

The Nourishing network seeker is an agency of analysts specialized in understanding and reveling the social essence of neighborhoods. For the research of 2020-2021 the agency focused on Stationsbuurt, The Hague, being a lively neighborhood, whose public space is used by diverse communities and where rich interactions have been glimpsed.

The work starts with observing and trying to get the social glue of the location; how people live together, what community lives there, who belongs to which groups. The second step is to interact with the locals. Our agents travel to other ways of life, to other habits, customs... They open themselves up to the locals in order to be able to portray the specificity of the neighborhood. Our agents develop a set of tools that they perform in public space. The tools are innocent, everyday objects that everyone can recognize. They are endowed with a surprising character which generates curiosity in the passer-by. Triggered by the tools and the action, they engaged a discussion with the agent. The passer-by feel at ease in this moment, and are themselves which allow the agent to share an emotional synergy and collect information about the neighborhood.

Those spontaneous encounters allow us to collect informal information that many entities would need to better build in accordance with the environment, with the real understanding of the essence of the area. Those ephemeral confidencies are documented in a report that will be transmitted to the stakeholders and the locals. So if you want to build in a specific location and you want to know more the social sparks, contact us!