Ivo Brouwer

Keywords: Typeface, Letters, Type,

Ivo Brouwer is an independent (typo-)graphic designer from the Netherlands. He works on bespoke typefaces, identities, animation and poster design for a diverse selection of clients. The work is strictly typographic and always from a conceptual approach. Next to his client work, he is part of the High on Type collective, that organises events and initiates type and calligraphy related projects worldwide. Because of his curiosity, he teaches experimental letter-making at art academies. Before TypeMedia, he earned his BA Communication and Media Design in Utrecht (2016) and certificate in the postgraduate Condensed Program at Type@Cooper in New York (2019).

Graduation Project

Surround is a chromatic typeface system made for playful typesetting. It consists of 5 unique styles, that can be used both singular and superimposed. Any amount of layers work, every style can be mixed. To demonstrate its full potential, the typeface is powered by a series of scripts for Drawbot.

Composition of a's
Drawbot and Poster