Ines DeRu

Keywords: Sound, Deeplistening, Healing

Internship: Jasper Griepink,,,

{ sound;

nurtured; spanish indonesian soil

being; tECkhnO artist, healer, and listener

diving; modes of healing to liberate the core

restoring; the energetic misalignments in oneself

using; assemblage of psychoactive, alchemical technologies, sound, deep listening, movement and performance

exploring; intersection between technology, spirituality, magick, and sound

travelling; into the physical, virtual and mystical realms of existence

centering; remembering; transforming; ways of communicating to ourselves, and other beings

channelling; ancestry

creating; collective-individual offerings

opening; a portal for interbeing gatherings

naming; Ines DeRu}


Graduation Project

Everything listens and speaks in this more-than human terrain. Through somatic listening, I recognized the hypnotic sounds that lead to the silencing of my own voice. I felt that if I didn’t empower my voice, I would continue to follow the dominant perception of the world; enclosed, subjected to living lives not of my own. I began to understand that I do hold the power to speak for myself, to heal myself – to reclaim my voice and the space for my being. I started to hear the spells of the violent voices who regulate our freedom of speech and govern our tongues, entrancing us into singing songs of suppression. By becoming active listeners, we can begin to find our collective rhythms and compose a sonic tapestry to relearn the language of our universe – sound.

son tra mi ona is a sonic gathering that embarks us into a deep listening journey where I explore the myriad of shapes, textures and rhythms that sounds embody. I invite the audience to listen and feel elemental sounds of nature, carried by my voice through the vibrations transmitted from the instruments of healing. With these (im)pulses, we can bridge into a world where there is space for all beings to live in kinship and understanding.

This project is part of a shared narrative with sWitches, a cyberfeminist tECkhnO-magick collective formed by Ines DeRu, pamela varela and Ella Hebendanz. Welcome to ặnim@. It is a world where each individual spell generates a ritualistic act of resistance within the ecosystem.



We are born into this uni-verse of silence and sounds. As we emerge as vibrating particles with electromagnetic fields, we compose this many-voiced biosphere. Sound is the most universal language for humans, animals and nature. Being guided with practices of deep listening, I have become the creature I longed to be in our more-than-human world. By fusing theology, ancestral practices and Feng Shui, I explore the depths of listening beyond our ears to find a place of belonging. This thesis shares my personal and artistic transformation by introducing how sound can become a healing process to (re)unite the mind, body and soul.

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Casting the Circle

Opening the Circle

Sonics ~~~ (re)awakening our sensual body

Transonics ~~~ (re)connecting to Earth and the cyberspace

Supersonics ~~~ (re) membering the sonic shock waves

Phonics ~~~ (re)calibrating the grammar of the universe

Closing the Circle