Ballistic contemplation

Audio installation reflecting on conflicts and symbiosis, between digital and physical violence and harmony, derived from my personal relationship with the firearm.

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The violent ordinary


The violent ordinary – Hugo van der Sluijs

My thesis is a documentary, it can be watched online. Enjoy!

Since a young age I developed a fascination for firearms, but later I started to question this obsession. I don’t support real violence. How is it possible that I became so obsessed by something that is only meant to kill? I started to research media culture, and how this shaped our current view of towards the firearm. By conducting a series of interviews, I discovered that my positive relationship towards the firearm isn’t something exclusive. Ever since it was portrayed in movies, video games and on current media platforms as a form of entertainment, our associations with the firearm to death became incoherent. This unrealistic yet close relationship I have with the firearm could help me feel less vulnerable, but at the same time the firearm makes life more vulnerable than ever.