Gajana Aslanjan

Keywords: Typemedia, Type, Graphic

Internship: Kummer&Herrman,,

Anguilla is a text to display typeface that embraces the movements of the hand and the tool in combination with the pre-defined structure of the glyphs. This typeface family consists of a regular text style, a bold style, and a display style. These styles originated from the research on the movement of flat nib writing tools such as the flat brush and flat brush markers and the search for the tension between static and dynamic, the translation of movement, and an interest in the Gaelic handwritten script. The typeface shows the acceleration and deceleration in speed while handling the tool and how it translates itself into the different styles within the family. Anguilla embraces its static as well as its dynamic shapes and combines them into something coherent whilst showing the individual movements of the original stroke-making, embracing the classic shape structure that is needed to maintain legibility.