Sensing Willow

Farah Rahman is a mixed media artist working with ol-factory, (living) archive materials such as plants and other organic materials. Farah’s tendency to collect and document artistically is similar to the work of an ethnographer who analyzes peoples and cultures through field research and field recordings. She strives to use remixing media techniques as a research tool. Rahman is graduating from the MA Art Science Interfaculty at The Royal Conservatoire & Royal Academy of Arts, obtained her BA Audiovisual Design at The Willem The Kooning Art Academy Rotterdam and is currently a member of the Film Werkplaats in WORM Rotterdam, the iii shared workspace and STROOM artists in The Hague.


This work is part of an ongoing artistic research on how to sense a thinking forest. The tactility, scents and soundscapes sent through the wooden logs start working when the visitor's ears are pressed against the wooden logs. Sent through the wood are layered field recordings, recorded by attaching hydrophones and piezo microphones to the bark of a group of trees that I visited and listened to during the lockdown period. Listening to trees is part of a thinking and making process started by walking and wandering around in this area, sharpening my senses through my working method: different self made sensorial exercises. By exploring and perceiving the landscape around me I sat still, touched, smelled, looked, listened and interacted with my surroundings.

A preview stage of the work during the Art Science Show at Grey Space In The Middle