DIJK/ collection#1

We are intrigued by the historical impact of “knowing or not knowing what one is supposed to know” and the complex social messages and messaging it has created.

A strong focus on dagging with a series of decorative scallops or foliations along the edge of a garment combined with formal jackets and knitwear.

We want to break the stigma of the fetishism and sexually driven visual language: we looked into the historical context of fetishism and move into a new kink and out of the mainstream fetish community.

It was about rethinking an object/codpiece out of a new material, deconstructing the practicality into something just decorative, associated with follies.

By implementing a sassy, surreal, and sexless vision, we reflect on the world with irony, parody and pastiche.

We are exploring the use of material - inspired by the erotic fetish world: Rubber band, latex yarn and resin; they adopt a different form to contrast with the elasticity of the body itself.

Juxtaposing rubber band and latex yarn in different techniques that create different textures that enhance the duality between flimsy and solid.

We exercise traditional craft executed with unconventional materials and mix them with archetypes from our everyday wardrobe. We progress into a mix of humorous improvisation, mistakes blend with technical skills. It results in designs that are built on ambiguous contrasts within the invisible rather than visible.

The collection comprises the daily wardrobe with strange cutting that combine silhouettes with rubber in different forms.

Materiality and practicality meet emotions, textures, lines and shapes to structure the shapes.

Returning to the most basic elements— a curve, a line, a cut. Guided by materials.



By seeking why fetishism explicitly plays such a central role in fashion? After the arrival of the consumerist society, with the industrialization of fashion and the marketization of art, both have become the most important groups in the cultural industry. It is common to think of all those symbolic outworn sex in pornography, lingerie, Codpiece, heels, rubber, leather. by explaining the relations of the personal individuals to the material fetish object in psychoanalysis perspective, take rubber as an example to further explain the emotional state in materials.