Ada Popowicz

Keywords: Storytelling, Podcast, Basketology

Internship: SUSLIB,,

Ada Popowicz is an anti-disciplinary creative trying to understand the world through design, research and coding. Her interests revolve around deep observation, sense-making and storytelling. In her work, she scrutinizes the relationships between culture, society, and technology and presents them with a combination of analogue and digital techniques to create projects that are conceptually complex and visually refined.


In The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction (1986), author Ursula K. Le Guin suggests that the first defining cultural device of humanity wasn't a spear but a basket. The spear retained its primary reputation due to the rhetoric of storytelling—it is easier to tell a story of a singular hero killing a mammoth than a collective effort of fruit-picking. Today, the spear manifests itself through colonial, binary and patriarchal narratives.

Basketology is a philosophy for alternative storytelling. Through an online podcast platform featuring interviews with a variety of basket-minded people the project explores how the physical attributes and cultural associations of a basket can be used as a metaphorical guide for looking at our socio-political landscape and defining ourselves within it.

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The way we classify the knowledge stored by us in the digital world impacts our perception of reality. In reponse to the growing amount and access to information, the process of alienating our memory from biological minds to machinal storage spaces has emerged. What started with the ancient loci method, continues today on the bookmarking websites. But the prosthetic memory is still inferior in its organisation to the workings of the human mind. In an attempt to strictly taxonomize the world within standardised knowledge structures, it misses out on the idiosyncratic connections, serendipitous encounters and all the frizziness, messiness and murkiness of our brain. But there is one element of the interface that still has a potential to bridge the dichotomy. [Insert Title Here]—the input field of an online content collection.

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