Under the heat of the unseen sun

An enormous tongue is dropping down from the ceiling and ready to swallow me whole as I sat here in this cluttered apartment. It is indeed cluttered as I have way too many objects, some I have not touched since the day I move in. The tongue is dropping lower, about to reach the top of my head as I thought of the aftermath, after it swallows me. Would it swallow my apartment as well? Would it swallow all of this stuff that I own?

Then when we all go inside the stomach, swimming up and down, melted by the acid, me and my objects, and the rest, I guess we would morph into each other. The tongue says, of course, this is the ultimatum. The saliva drops on top of my head, numbing my brain, I guess this is it. I think about the world when I am gone, all swallow by the tongue, then will reunite and becoming one. I do hope the tongue would release us, in whatever form.

I envision a landscape, from after the tongue releases us. An endless empty space. The wind brushes the polyurethane particles from the ground against my deform face as I have become part of the landscape. My ears are ringing of blankness. Me and my melted apartment, we breathe together, forming a new identity. This is the journey into the land from after us.


Under the heat of the unseen sun

under the heat of the unseen sun is a multimedia installation depicting a fictional landscape from after humans that is made of distorted 3D scans of Luu’s surroundings as she interprets this post-apocalyptic landscape to be ‘a deformed version of reality'.

The installation consists of a 1:1 fragment of the island, in combination with two projections showing the exploration deep into the land and a soundscape to intensify the uncomfortableness of being in the landscape. The physical structure of the landscape is a translation of the digital environment. It is carved and sculpted on polyurethane foam as the act of removing away material was a suitable method to express the deterioration of the land.

Sound artist Hilde Wollenstein designed the soundscape. The sound is integrated in the landscape, translating the physicality of the structure and texture of the material, and the imaginary acoustics of the space. The noise, as an audio and a physical medium, leaves the individual visitor with their own perceptions and illusions. Sometimes on the threshold of audibility, we can feel lifted or weighed down through the combination of extremely high and low frequencies. Through white noise, which consists of all frequencies, we can hear every sound imaginable. The sound influences the perception of the landscape and the landscape influences the perception of the sound.


Exploitations on the last dogmatic man, a tale from after the Anthropocene

An excerpt from Exploitations on the last dogmatic man

"When I received the manuscript of ‘Exploitations on the last dogmatic man, a tale from after the Anthropocene’, it was an absurd mess of language and storytelling: about a ‘pataphysician’ entering a post-apocalyptic landscape. It depicted the tragic adventure of the last human on what could possibly be construed as Earth and his attempts to fight back the vigorous landscape in order to maintain his identity as a human being."

This thesis is design by graphic designer Trang Ha. For any enquiries regarding this text, please send an email to bao.tran.luu97[at]gmail.com