Data Storm ☈


☞"Data Storm ☈ " is an investigation into the importance of weather data for the accumulation of wealth through climate change, touching upon disaster capitalism. The very data that billions around the world depend on for their daily forecast. Tech companies are looking to privatize and monetize the access to this information. The monetization could bring an imbalance to the current weather system. Ruben Visser’s sculptural structure reminiscent of a weather station built almost three thousand years ago in Greece. Similar to the weatherman, Ruben Visser aims to interpret and influence the free available weather data. Through the use of images, sound and text he creates assemblage of symbols that aims to give the viewer an insight into the ongoing into the privatization of weather data.


Meta weather✴︎

Through the usage of metaphors and visual metaphors a representation of meteorological phenomena has been created.

This Thesis will focus not so much on the weather itself, but on the recreation of the weather in the imagination of individuals(Harris, 2016). The weather is deeply rooted in how humans understand and experience the world. It is one of the topics that for thousands of years has been left to religion to explain. Only during the past 300 years have we been able to better understand why these phenomena occur. Only through the help of technology and human ingenuity and imagination have we reached this current point in time, where the sky has finally unraveled most of its secrets.

Through the analysis of historical representations of these phenomena, I hope to unravel how we perceive contemporary-weather in the past and in the future.

"Weather is the key paradox of our time. Weather that is nice is often weather that is wrong. The nice is occurring in the immediate and individual, and the wrong is occurring systemwide."

-Roni Horn (You Are the Weather, 1997)