Turbulence Studies

Neither chaotic nor predictable, turbulence creates ever-fluctuating patterns that are dependent upon the time and space variables of which it takes place. Under the idea of finding a palpable experience of the ever-morphing spatial construct of Contingency Space, Turbulence Studies began as series of site-specific spatial compositions and sound performances. To explore such embodied relationship of turbulence with its physical surroundings and constituents, the project presents a set of profiles of the location through an air sculpting apparatus as a light and sound composition.

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Revealing Contingency Space: Noise, Improvisation and Turbulence

My research proposes rather a conceptual yet an empirical sense of space, especially of those withholding an aspect of unknown, non-linearity, or perhaps a part of a phantom: a contingency. Revealing Contingency Space rises from sound practice that attempts to actualize a notion of ever-morphing space and an indeterminate state of in-between. Questioning the Newtonian space of quantifiable measurement and phenomenological understanding of space as subjective experience with a narrative timeline, it enunciates a spatial construct that is constantly in flux. To help unfold this equivocal narrative in more discernible way, I chose three specific entry points of exploring the idea of contingency space: Noise, Improvisation and Turbulence. Through the research of listening, observing, making, and questioning the phenomenon in physical sonic boundaries and shapes of structure that surrounds us, I question how establishing such idea of contingency space might reveal as more of a byproduct that revolves around our spaces than as a result. Whether if the boundaries of contingency space are in between the format, medium, physical environment, techniques, or genre, the research looks for liminal places to listen, produce and explore sound and spaces both introspectively and physically. With this research, I hope to set an intrinsic yet conscious outlook to agitate our connections not only to ourselves but also to sentient surroundings that place us in a state of in between.