Sonic City

Listening is a way of sensing the environment. However, our modern life is dominated by visuals; everything surrounds us is primarily aiming to stimulate our vision. All other senses are treated of secondary importance. The ability of human beings to sense space by listening, is rarely recognized as a consequence of a design industry that is driven by visuals.

How to include sound in design thinking? How would a Sonic City look like? What is a Sonic Society?

Despite our visual predilection our aural experiences form a significant aspect of our spatial experiences and our apprehension of the world. The act of listening means raising awareness of sonic environments and comprehending the meanings that are conveyed within these sounds.

The project is about designing objects/spaces that enhance the aspect of critical listening through movement of the body; in other words, “gymnastics for the ears”. These tools/structures are sound-space instruments and each of them stipulates certain body movement. The intensity and rhythm of sounds and the speed of motion are all interrelated variations that determine the sonic experience of a space. My collection of designs is meant for people who need “no earflaps”. Aiming at including sound as an active element in spatial experience, as well as, encouraging people to become critical listeners. Finally, this strategy would result in a “better listening” society.

ear cardio
360 seat
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