Het Bos

To understand the glitch will be; everything which is missing and is not meeting the expectations, or something that would occur out random with in a setting where it falls out of context…

Therefor the glitch is both the absence and the sudden leaping of things . 

Focus on the forest....

To be continued


Social living saves the City.

In her thesis ‘ Social living saves the city’ Merel focuses on the different scenario’s of cohabitation in an urban environment and in particular the role of architecture to create spatial solutions for such. Merel departs form a very real problem of shortage of social housing and is motivated by thinking about ways how to create a fair and inclusive way of living together. In her research on this complex topic she is sourcing from different disciplines, from social sciences, urban planning to speculative scenario’s created by artists. In particular her case studies show the difficulty of bridging a utopian vision with the pragmatic proposition offered by architecture. Approaching the subject with an ethical question requires also for the author to take a strong position. This might seem at times opinionated, but rather reflects her passion for socially-engaged issues and here we find a relation to her own practice: forms of spatial organisation, how it can create social relationships and ultimately shape social welfare. These are examples systems-dynamics and the way a formal solution can result in a very concrete personal and even poetic experience. One of Merel’s continuous interests which I hope will keep on fuelling her future artistic practice.

Text by:

Alexandra Landré

Theory Tutor