The Matter of Progression

Trying to understand the world around us has been a long road. Mankind is inherently currious and we are creative in finding ways to explain natural phenomenon. The Classic Elements theory is a famous one, even though science has moved past it. As we discover and understand more, we start to use the world around us to our own advantage and making life seemingly easier.

However, technological progression has become a destructive force, impossible to slow down. Ever since the rise of agriculture, humanity is forces to push itself beyond what was believed to be possible. Society is ever evolving and these changes put more and more pressure on the individual but also on the world around us.

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Kicking Sandcastles and Burning Effigies

Destruction has 4 phases, each of them I experienced during my experiment. It starts with MEANING, the phase the destruction gains a conceptual meaning. Phase two is EXITEMENT. During this phase, adrenaline will kick in and the fun begins. You have to be carefull not to get carried away at this point. The third phase is POWER. This is the point that the destruction will show it’s potential and it’s danger. If used properly, this power can change the world. Lastly, the fourth phase is RELAXATION. Your muscles start to relax, your brain is at ease and you feel relieved. A weight has been lifted off your shoulders. The world is now a better place.