Modal Variables

'Expierience is relation between subject and object. If the subject is to experience itself, it has to take itself as an object. If the subject experiences an object, it does not experience itself. Therefore it's impossible to experience true subjectivity.'

Paul Natorp, Allgemeine Psychologie 1912, 8, 28-29, 31

The stimuli that have significant impact on shaping human consciousness are other people. As an element of the external world, we can acknowledge them as analogical models of consciousness -cognitively related but, according to our subjective worldview, only perceivable in objectified form. However, through the use of language, we are able to share reasoning processes with each other and, as a result, extend our cognitve spectrums with someone else's thoughts.

Defining a physical appearance of consciousness is the subject of contemplation in phenomenological philosophy as well as in cognitive science. The phantom of the intersubjectivity can be perceived as a universally inaccessible perspective, a filament for anything probable to be experienced.

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