We experience, meet, create, laugh, feel, hit, love, fall, for sensual attraction. Welcome to a serie of facecalls trying to grasp the inivisible stream of desire linking different bodies. Through the call platform, different interviews are able to interact with each other to deconstruct and understand the different narratives of attraction. Attraction as a form of love, power, temptation, architecture.
The collection of diverse voices comes alive in one unique body performing the different characters. Each one of them is calling from their own habitat, between cliché and irony, the project wants to open a safe discussion place. An ode to our diverse intimacy! Butterfly in the belly, silent yes, it’s happening

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A Stroll With Pulsion

I’m a girl, I’m french, and I want to talk about love. “Of course!”you must be thinking right now. Even if Rilke would judge me too young to talk about love, I am gonna take the risk and introduce you to Pulsion, a psychic drive or an instinctual urge that provokes a carnal desire for someone other than your partner. Opposite to Eros, who is very faithful and regular, Pulsion is ungraspable. Through its strong aesthetic full of artifice, Pulsion can appear in a multitude of forms. To answer my questions around the cultural representations and connotation of a sexual attractionoutside an exclusive relationship, Pulsion is inviting us to follow his meandering walk around several different gardens, as a performative reflexion. Let’s go!

(made for mobile—[https://kabk.github.io/go-theses-20-louana-gentner/])