The Last Whispers of the Simulated Weeds


Proposing the growth of a new species that is the object. The past and future of man sprouting from the soil. Emerging from the layers of rammed earth, shaping our history and defining our being. Questioning the power of the object in defining us.

The object reflects man’s past and forms an integral part in the telling of the tale of man. Through traces of object, man is defined. The project comments on the craft of objects as well as how these objects become relics of our past. Portraying the importance of the object in human society and how the object and its environment may be transformed through our interaction with our created reality. Acknowledging how the digital world has integrated with our material presence through the creation of a Heterotopic landscape, a world within a world, where time is layered. A place that mirrors our existing reality and yet shapes it.

As time persists and the growths grow stronger and more persistent, through small tears in the surface they spread, weeds breaking through the hairline cracks. The growth consumes all of its habitat, merged with man by his own mastery. Object spawning between the layers of the earth’s crust, expanding over the landscape. A new creature emerging, a being growing and sprouting from the soil, being cultivated and nourished by the lost remnants that were still submerged deep beneath the hardened rock. Growing out of the earth, the Object formed itself in combination with the land, a new being grew, morphed into what will define man. A new species is on the horizon, sprouting out of a man-made artefact.

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(Photography: Steyn van Rongen)


Synthetic reality - Notes on how the artefact moulds man

When we examine the human as an artefact of our surroundings, we will examine the transformative potential of design in dialogue with biology and technology. Questioning the relation between man and mutation, the ever-changing circular system of design dictating what we are and how the relationship we have with objects defines our species. Looking at how the object can mutate humanity and in return be the thing that makes us human.