.ONE. - "The wind blows the withered leaves to fall, the fallen leaves fertilize the soil, the fertile soil riches the fragrant fruits, which is tireless, relentless and unhurried."

I will not lie to others or to myself. I will not steal other people’s inspirations. I will not compromise to others, the society, or even myself. I will not kill others’ dreams. I will not be over productive. I will not be polluted by the world. I will not fall too much into my own works. I will not sink into melancholia.

I will dig myself deeply inside for inspiration. The deeper I am digging, the closer I am to the universe. I will create my own language. I will understand serenity. I will let the serenity get into my work. Serenity is like the cloud in the center of chaotic world. I will enjoy the solitude. Solitude is important. I will explore more about life. Works come from daily dreams or even day dreaming. I need to suffer. Suffer will bring changes.

I will spend more time doing nothing. I will spend more time listening to the birds call. I will spend more time gazing up at the sky. I will spend more time looking at the horizon. I will spend more time staring at the sea. I will enjoy the wind. I will enjoy the sunlight. I will enjoy the rain. I will enjoy the cloudy gloomy day. I will learn to sympathize. I will learn to praise. I will learn to appreciate. I will learn to forgive. I will learn to give. I will learn to receive. I will be brave. I will be conscious. I will be persistent. I will be humble. I will be myself.

I will not expect people to understand my work. I hope people will be inspired by my work. I will not expect my work to change the world. I hope at least someone can feel better with my work.

Ideology is the taboo of art. Art cannot be without ideology. Philosophy needs art. Art needs philosophy. Respect the tradition.

I will doubt the reality I will challenge the authority. I will refuse the mediocrity. I will live my life.


.ONE. - "The wind blows the withered leaves to fall, the fallen leaves fertilize the soil, the fertile soil riches the fragrant fruits, which is tireless, relentless and unhurried."

Reaction on reaction on reaction on reaction…

Sunrise and sunset, these are our daily life. However, the surrounding reality makes me lost in the daily lives. Only when I leave school, return back home, make a hot meal, I suddenly feel I am living. It takes me 47 minutes to walk back from the hustle and bustle, but I like the process of this transformation. Sometimes, what you want to see is what you are seeing, people are always curious about the truth, but usually nobody notices while things are happening; Most of the stories are created based on their own emotional needs, so what you are looking at is the right me. Touching, observing, tasting, smelling, hearing, and feeling stimulated the senses, and inspired my thoughts. I have been constantly changing, physically and emotionally. Even during this short period of time, I am changed, or I am changing.

A sensorial island which is translated from one of the recipe in the cooking book-the thesis (a documentation of me and my traces), where you are surrounded by food, sit on food, while eating that food. The embroidery thread curtain metaphorically represents the noodle. It suggests a certain gesture of the body to enter the island like a ritual. By interpreting the shape and texture of the ingredients, the island tries to bring a sensorial experience which stimulates different senses, which includes not only the sight, but also smell, sound, tactility, and taste. The scale, texture, and shape of the sculptures invite the interaction, create dialogue between each other, between the audience and the sculptures.

no shoes