Sonic Elevation


Sonic Elevation is an ongoing research on the physicality of sound. It started as a fascination with high speed jets flying over and breaking the sound barrier - causing a sonic boom. I was interested in the energy that is transmitted into the sound, the physical aspect that we can feel with our whole body.

In Sonic Elevation I am creating a setting where the audience is invited to experience the sensation to its full potential. The space is precisely arranged in a way that inflatable mattress is placed in the middle of the room, circularly surrounded with acoustical panels and a custom - hand built Kantarion Sound system. The audience consists of 4 - 6 participants with whom I share the embodied experience in a form of a sound piece.

This work requires to be physically experienced, therefore if this resonates with you - please join in room PB203.


In Search of Harmonies

"In this thesis, I’m researching space setups for musical experiences and the elements that I’m using are sound, space, audience and performers. My intention is to bridge these elements in harmony and give the audience a context to experience diverse sounds in comfortable setups. All the elements mentioned are looked at as separate parts and I explain my thoughts, ideas, observations and experiences that occurred, alongside the references from my research. What interests me is how to offer setups and spaces that will be a good base to experience diverse performances? How to direct people’s behaviour trough physical space and how space affects the human atmosphere in combination with sound?"

I've shared many personal thoughts and ideas in this practical reseach and I don't feel like publishing it. However if you are interested to read my thesis or have a printed version, please say hello at: and I will send you.