It is not only romantic but useful


It starts from the stillness. The gaze of objects shifts to meditative situations. A story without narrative by using paintings, videos, and drawings is like an improvisation that spends time. There is no fixed materiality between an inside and an outside world, or reality and daydreams, or a tree and me. I encounter countless relations in banal things such as lights in my room and streets, birds passing by, the smell of white walls, vegetables, bricks, clouds before rain, sea, the sound of the radiator, a sharp letter envelopment. They meet each other in a certain moment and bring confusion that is already softer than before. Drifting thoughts settle down when there is no duality. It visualizes the moment that everything including myself in distance. This state is a metaphor for the present time. I am waiting until I am used to be around the beauty that is everywhere.


Ballad of Tricks

This thesis described about having a poetic approach to life by suggesting internal and intrinsic things that should be used as wisdom, not an explanation of a process or knowledge. It is comprised of two chapters. In the first chapter, I will be questioning about the concept of 'I'-the transcendent things that do not belong in psychology, culture and language- and how metaphors and images function in poems. This concept was influenced by Graham Harman and his main field, Object-Oriented-Ontology, and The Poetics of Space by Gaston Bachelard, however, I found out clearer answers from meditative practices and reflections from poets and several writers in the end. In the second chapter, I introduced artworks that are fit for the articulation of the former chapter and discussed how art can work through the tender attitude. The book of Ben Okri, that emphasizes the role of poetry nowadays and how it is positive and essential, was the supplemented into the second chapter.