Hypnosis of the Stolen Painting

Clara Lezla is a french visual artist and graphic designer living and working in Den Haag.


Hypnosis of the Stolen Painting

With her video work, "Hypnosis of the Stolen painting", Clara lezla questions the world as a staged reality through three different chapters that unfold as the inception of three world-gates. These visually distinct, yet echoing movie staged landscapes, fabricated with the components of the world they refer to, can be seen as portals, trompe l’oeil, facades that use the same principle of a cathedral frontispiece or a fun fair attraction. The camera guide the viewer through the limbo between reality and fiction.The video work demonstrate a capacity for details through animated references borrowing from the real cinematic world as well as user interface phenomenas.

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I comb my hair with a fork

What is the unchildish nature of fairy tales? Starting from the observation that fairy tales are usually read to children and suffer from prejudices, "I comb my hair with a fork" question the existence of fairy tales in our contemporary medias and the relationship it establishs between adult and children. Following a chronological timeline, the thesis unfolds through two different parts; first the exploration of the fairy tale as an oral and written text and secondly the fairy tale as an image and a meme. The thesis deals with the influences these stories (and sometimes their writters) have on our cultural society and the evolution of their meanings and apprehension by the public themselves.