Terms of Service

Utilizing his obtained insights executing both the design and development of software products and websites, Christian excels at defining and improving digital infrastructures. With his talent in communicating the complexities of technology in a simple language, he is an ideal all-rounder accompanying processes as a strategical and technical advisor.


Since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) passed in 2016, the internet has become filled with cookie notices, privacy pop-ups, and data request forms. The push for GDPR shows that people do value their privacy, but this regulation has failed to address many people’s concerns so far. In many ways, the regulation has added additional complexity for people to understand their services’ privacy implications. How can the European Union take the next steps?
Terms of Service is a conceptual idea of providing European citizens with greater control over their data collected by companies. With revamped policies that are conceptualized and designed citizen-first, the goal is to rebuild and assure the public’s trust in the Technology that maneuvers our daily lives.


The New Architecture of Digital Design Practices

With the book, “The New Architecture and the Bauhaus”, Bauhaus founder and architect Walter Gropius manifested his visions for the modern architectural design processes, utilizing a symbiosis of technology and experimentation with human crafting methods, to ultimately form a system that supports the art movements famous reduced, functionalist aesthetic. With the ever-increasing impact that technology has on our lives and workplaces, the thesis adapts Gropius' original text to our present day, and demonstrates the hidden link to technology as a crafting system.
Structured in four main parts, the text introduces how technology has evolved into a popular tool for modern design practices, and where it needs to mature further. Examples are given on how we can craft differently with technology, and on how the distribution and presentation of the results can change.