The emergence of a new society in reply to over-designed, sterile city landscapes

This project invites everyone to step into the very near future - the time when technology and machines will reach sufficient levels of efficiency and leave us with enough time to rediscover our human nature. Spatial and temporal opportunities for failures, accidental events as well as undesigned situations will once again begin to increase. How will the new city landscape look like? What kind of role will humans play within it?

I am proposing a speculative scenario of the Hello Everyone workers community, its emergence and proliferation. Here the community initiate the process of our surroundings unalienation, which, like a virus, is about to spread throughout the modern city landscapes. Their unique uniforms and unusual behaviours, all together “dress” the city and unfold new types of connections with our human & nonhuman surroundings. These connections differ from city to city and from job to job.

Hello Everyone workers see their jobs as a way to form new routines, which have a great influence on how we perceive ourselves within our physical and social environment. Thus, their daily appearance within the urban setting ensures that they become part of the city landscape, adding new cultural and social dimensions to our public spaces.

Hello Everyone community-building process might remind you of a theatrical production. It contains two interlinked dimensions, the backstage, which comprises the multi-disciplinary collaborations between creatives, and the public space (the city), where Hello Everyone workers daily routines take place and interweave with its inhabitants’ lives (the audience).

Starting in the Netherlands, the Hello Everyone community is slowly expanding to other cities within Europe

Take a look to the HelloEveryone children's book here: https://issuu.com/ausra_ces/docs/issu_pages_compressed