Starchy Knowledge

Alejandra López is an artist and novice kite maker born in Elche, Spain, and currently based in The Hague. Thinking through drawing. Concerned with maintaining care for immediate surroundings; for the little and the useless, the big and purposeful and the multiple in-betweens. Co-founder of experimental drawing collective Nice Flaps.


An installation comprised of multidimensional drawings. Arriving at it through a process of translation and re-iteration of personal and found imagery, materialities, and storytellings. Taking the non existent myth of the silverfish as a starting point, exploring the existence of a creature so ancient, yet so "worthless" that it has no human given story. Concerned with ideas of coexistence and non verbal communication, with ways of accessing the world we live in without conquering or controlling it. Focusing on sensation and feeling, opening up to multitudinous ways of knowing.

Fragment map of the installation


Only things with weight can fly

This thesis is concerned with the creation of visual articulations of contemporary experience, through the exploration of both processes of looking (drawing), and the marks that come out of them (the drawings themselves). The spaces that the drawings try to make sense of, and the spaces that the drawings create in this process. It is concerned with making sense of the materiality that surrounds us as bodies in space. It wonders how can we make a mark, and what mark shall we make to enter the already busy networks that surround us. What kind of marks still have the power to encourage questioning, and resist indifference, to help us foster closeness in our relationships, and allow us to sustain hope and brighter futures. Operating within the field of the arts and culture and that of the personal, this text examines the potential of drawing in bridging the gap between the rational and the emotional, in stepping out of fixed, restrictive convictions of the shape and meaning of things.